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Barcelona’s Reception and Support Network is made up of over a hundred non-profit organisations which provide information and advice to newcomers, with the aim of promoting personal independence and social inclusion. This search engine is intended to help with searching for the services and projects offered by reception organisations and to provide mutual knowledge between them.

Searches in this portal may be made according to area (district or neighbourhood), the type of service or project offered by the organisation, or by the work group it belongs to. The Reception and Support Network consists of two active work groups: the Network of Social Organisations Providing Legal Advice for Foreign Nationals (XESAJE) and the Language Coordinator.

In addition, the Reception and Support Network’s organisations provide various different services to immigrants and searches can be made through the following areas: reception service, language courses, legal and employment advice, guidance services and help with issues such as housing, social care, shelter apartments, specific services for women, informal education and specific health services.

We hope you find the information accessible and useful.

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